​Communicable Diseases Control Program  

  • Notifiable infectious diseases

  • Vaccination

  • Supply of Vaccines
    • The C&PM centre is responsible for supplying the N.G. C&FM clinics at WR with the required vaccines.
    • The request and supply process is organized by the restricted vaccine's inventory system. 
  • Vaccination Campaigns

    • National door-to-door Oral Polio Vaccine Campaign
  • The C&PM centre is annually organizing the national Oral polio campaign, It is conducted door to door at both King Faisal Residential City (KFRC) in Jeddah and King Khalid Residential City (KKRC) in Taif.
    • Notational  MMR vaccine
  • First stage targets the school children (7-18 years)
  • Second stage targets children from 9months to less than school age (door –to-door vaccination) and college students (18-24 years).
    • Military  vaccination
  • A comprehensive vaccination campaign is conducted annually which targets the trainees at the NG Military Training Centre, Jeddah.
    • Meningitis, MMR, Varecilla, Hep. B, Hep. A, DT, IPV Polio.
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