​Non-Communicable Diseases Control Program

Scope of service

Improvement of Chronic Disease Care Quality in NGHA through; the application of preventive programs at schools, military settings and conducting scientific research such as the Pattern of Obesity among National Guard Military personnel.

    • Improvement of Chronic Diseases Care Quality, the tasks include the following:

  • Analysis of health problems in terms of geographic, demographic, social and economical factors to provide the best applicable solutions.
  • A study of the aetiology of health problem, assessment of health needs and definitions priorities.
  • Conduct research, specially the applied studies.


    • Planning, Organizing and Managing Health Programs.

  • Planning, development, management and evaluation of health care programs intended for health promotion, prevention of disease, medical management and rehabilitation.
  • Report of Quality Indicators of Diabetic Care in NGHA, 2011.  (Interventional Healthcare Programs).
  • Evaluation for preventive programs.
    • Development for the statistical health information system in Primary Health Care Center.

  • Uniforming the fellow-sheet used in the patient record file for follow-up the chronic diseases patients in all in Primary Health Care Centers.
  • Integrated Registry for Chronic diseases in order to monitor the process and clinical outcome indicators, and subsequently improve the clinical practice of care (process of care).
    • Scientific Research & Academic Training.

  • Assessment of Cardiovascular disease-risk factors over 10 years among Military personnel, Jeddah.
  • Proposal Research: The Effectiveness of comic books in changing knowledge of school students in King Faisal residential (KFR), Jeddah.
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