​Nutritional Health Program  

F&CM centers visits:

According to a designed nutritional health program, Dr. Lamya Awwad was scheduled to visits the F&CM centers which were aiming to raise the nutritional knowledge of family physicians and staff nurses.

Visit Description

  • A training session that covered the basic of healthy nutrition needed by the staff in order to confidently guide their patients toward better nutrition.
  • It was attended by all available doctors and nurses
  • A lecture that covers new and up to date nutritional health information.
  • It was attended by all available doctors and nurses
  • A presentation was given to the available doctors and nurses and they expressed a good feedback.

School Visits:

Schedule regular visits to female school at KFRC-Jeddah.

Growth Assessment Activity:

Growth Assessment Measurement is an annual program aims to identify the students at nutritional risk (obesity, overweigh, underweight, & server underweight) and to make all possible intervention measures such as referral to dietitian, health education and follow up in order to control the problem. The growth measurement is calculated based on the WHO growth chart for BMI children.

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