Anesthesiology Department  

Scope of Service:

  • Pre-operative assessment and consultations in Pre-Anesthetic Clinic
  • Routine lists in seven (7) operating theatres
  • Anesthesia in L & D Theatre, Endoscopy, Radiology, Oncology, ECT
  • Provision of sedation/analgesia
  • Chronic pain service
  • Acute pain service
  • Education of trainees in the Saudi Specialization program
  • Trauma team and other departmental/hospital committees
  • Clinical research and continuous medical education
  • Routine list in Dental OR


  • Pain Management Services

The Pain Management Services Section is headed by Dr. Maan Kattan.  Dr. Maan Kattan is a Consultant in Anesthesia with sub-specialization in Thoracic & Regional Anesthesia and Pain Management.

  • Acute Pain Service

The service was launched in September 2007 in stepwise phases to cover the in-patient wards with modern modalities of pain relief.

At present, the service is covered by 3 Consultants and staff physicians who are responsible to follow up on all patients referred to this service on a 24-hour basis.  Daily rounds are conducted on all patients under the care of the Pain Management Service, to follow up on all interventions initiated to manage their acute pain, in addition to monitor closely any side effects and/or the need to modify the management plan.

  • Chronic Pain Service

Three consultants are covering the activities of chronic pain every Sunday and Tuesday in one procedure session and one outpatient clinic. All pain consultations are managed throughout the week.


  • Unification of the forms with all regions within National Guard Health Affairs has been carried out through a task force that included all Clinical Chairs from all regions, and the process was finalized and approved through the Corporate Internal Audit and Oracle numbers were assigned to all forms.
  • The work for CPR and CIMS has been carried out and training was conducted on several sessions for implementation of patient orders through the Quadramed.
  • Pyxis Medication Dispensing Machine was introduced into the Operating Room in coordination with ISD and Pharmaceutical Department.
  • The Department of Anesthesiology in collaboration with Saudi Anesthetic Association has organized the First International Anesthesia Conference and 10th Annual Meeting of the SAA under the title of "Anesthesia Practice implementation and implications in Saudi Arabia" which was held on January 11-13, 2011. 
  • The Department of Anesthesiology in collaboration with the Department of Anesthesia at King Abdul-Aziz University has organized the Western Region Anesthesia Scientific Club for the third year in a row.
  • Implementation of Centricity Anesthesia Automated Peri-Anesthesia Record and archiving system was successfully achieved and the service went on live from December, 2010.

Contact Us

  • Department of Anesthesia-Mail Code 6438
  • P.O. Box #9515, Jeddah 21423
  • Phone: +966-12-2266666 Ext. 21263
  • Fax: +966-12-2266200 Ext. 21396

Duty Hours: 

0800-1700h (Saturday-Wednesday)

Thursday & Friday - CLOSED


The Anesthesia Admin Area is in the Hospital Main Building close to the Operating Theatre.  The entrance is located in the intersection of Corridor 3 & 4.  By turning left soon after passing Ward 4 (Protocol Ward), the entrance is just before the entrance of the Operating Theatre. 

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