​Intensive Care Department  


The Intensive Care Department (ICD) provides a multi-disciplinary critical care services to all types of adult specialties within the King Abdulaziz Medical City - Western Region (KAMC-WR).  It has a 22 beds capacity distributed in 3 units (ICU 1 - 3). The clinical services are conducted by a complement of trained intensive care physicians, nurses and respiratory therapists. Coronary care unit (3 beds CCU) is covered totally by cardiac physicians (under medicine) while nurses are drawn from the same ICU nursing pool.

It is committed to provide the highest possible standards of critical care medicine for all patients treated in the department and all inpatients requiring emergency critical care including cardio-respiratory resuscitation (CPR) for all adult patients at the King Abdulaziz Medical City - Western Region (KAMC-WR). The department is also, committed to provide a full education opportunity to all trainees in the Saudi Specialization Program (in critical care program or rotating from other programs) and thrives to create a suitable research community in the related fields.


  • To provide the highest possible standards of critical care to all adult patients
  • Maintain a (1:2) nurse to patient ratio for patients with less than 4 points, (1:1) ratio for patients with 4 - 7 points and (2:1) ratio for patients with 8 - 10 points on the Ten Points Nursing Dependency Score (TPNDS), table # 3 page 7.
  • Enhance professional advancement through ICU rotations for residents from different specialties and support Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine.

Scope of Services

  • Provide Critical Care services to adult (13 years and above) patients at KAMC-WR.
  • Provide hospital wide consultation for patients with acute changes of vital parameters.
  • Provides full hemodynamic monitoring, mechanical ventilation, CVVH and renal support, bronchoscopy, therapy with vasoactive agents, percutaneous tracheostomy, monitoring of ICP, observation of patients receiving epidural anesthesia and analgesia, monitoring of ABG’s and other essential monitoring and therapeutic parameters.
  • Provide Emergency and consultative Critical Care services to all adult inpatients through the functions of the Critical Care Response Team (CCRT).
  • Participation as an essential member of the (Code Blue) CPR team and act as CPR team leader for cases occurring in regular hospital wards.
  • Respond and participate in the clinical activities of the hospital trauma team including (Code Red) and major disaster calls.
  • Responsible for ambulance transport of critically ill adult patients to and from the KAMC-WR facility within a 200 km radius.

Hours of Services

The ICU provides 24 X 7 coverage for the indicated services by Intensive Care teams of respiratory therapists, nurses, staff physicians and Consultants.

    • Consultants:

Will work on session bases to provide 24/ 7 coverage.  Each consultant will provide 8 –10 weeks a year to his/her primary specialty (e.g. anesthesia, respirology etc). During that period s/he will be off service from the ICU. This could be assigned as one block or fractionated into weeks.

    • Staff Physicians:

Will work on 12 hours shift bases and provide:

  • 1 full week of mobile/triage activities
  • 1 full week coverage of Rapid Response Call
  • 1 full week CCU coverage after off hours
    • •Nurses

Will work on shift basis to provide 24/ 7 coverage.

Bed Capacity

The department has the following functional units:

  • ICU # 1 =  12 beds
  • ICU # 2 =  decommissioned for renovation
  • ICU # 3 =  5 beds
  • ICU # 4 =  7 beds


24 Commissioned beds

Statistical Data


​NGHA - KAMC,WR - Intensive Care Department - Monthly Statistical Report ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

Month.​ ​Sept. 2012​
Year (Cumulative): 
Total No.​
602​ Deaths​ 133​ M.Rate​ 22%​ Hosp.M​ 427​ ICD/Hos​ 31%​



Currently the department has 3 consultants + 1 part time consultant from ED, 2 Assistant consultants and 17 intensive care staff physicians. Two consultant posts are still vacant due difficulties in recruitment as the ICU market within the kingdom and Gulf region is becoming highly competitive.  Three staff physicians are on the recruitment process.

    • Walid  Alyafi, Chairman

  • Fahad Al Hameed, Chair Deputy
  • Yasir Tashkandi, Consultant
  • Shakeel Siddiqui,  Asst. Consultant
  • Mobeen Chaudry, Asst. Consultant
  • Ghulam Rasool, Staff Physicians
  • Fathy Ahmed Ashry, Staff Physicians
  • Sameh El Eshmawy, Staff Physicians
  • Jalal Rifai, Staff Physicians
  • Ali Wael Sayed El Mursy, Staff Physicians
  • Ashraf H Kotp, Staff Physicians
  • Anjum Jahanger Sheikh, Staff Physicians
  • Khalid Osman Mohd Saleh, Staff Physicians
  • Inaamullah Khushik, Staff Physicians
  • Mohammed Mostafa, Staff Physicians
  • Mohd Mahmoud Rashad Badr, Staff Physicians
  • Mohd Elhag Ali, Staff Physicians
  • Mohd Hameed Quadri, Staff Physicians
  • Ismail Ali, Staff Physicians
  • Mohd Hussein Al Mubayyidh, Staff Physicians
  • Mahmoud Nour Eldin, Staff Physicians
  • Mohd Shahbaz Khan Staff Physicians
  • Herminigilda S. Lati, Admin. Asst.
  • Manal Osama Bobsait,  Admin. Asst.
  • Ang Seok Gor, Nurse Manager

Contact Us:

If you need further information, please contact us on +966-12-2266666 Ext. 21945, 21973 Fax 21984

ICU Department, Room 52.43

Email us at: latihs@ngha.med.sa or intensive care unit-wr@ngha.med.sa 

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