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Functions and Scope of Services

  • Assessing the condition of patients seeking acceptance for treatment according to the hospital's eligibility policy.

  • Continuing eligibility for treatment for patients who are currently receiving treatment.

  • Providing up-to-date information related to patients' eligibility for treatment.

  • Evaluate in accordance with Hospital Policy the medical eligibility of patients seeking acceptance for treatment.

  • The continuing of medical eligibility of those patients currently receiving treatment.

  • Identify and facilitate the termination of files of those patients no longer meeting medical eligibility requirements.

  • Maintain a system for the timely renewal of expiring referral letters for patients still medically eligible for treatment.

  • Provide up-to-date information regarding patient treatment eligibility.

  • Review lists of patients from Admission and Outpatient Clinics whose referral letters are expiring, research current medical status of patients.

  • Notify appropriate departments if a patient is not medically eligible for further treatment so the patient can be discharged.

  • Review Obstetric, Post Partum and Neonatal patient charts and recommend nature of continuing care.

  • Review all new patient and new patient follow up charts to verify eligibility.

  • Compile and forward changes in medical eligibility to appropriate departments.

Last Modified

6/30/2022 8:47 PM