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Procedures for Patients Wishing to be Treated

Procedures for Saudi patients who are not members of the National Guard referred for treatment:

The patient or his representative submits a request for treatment through this link taking into account the following conditions:

  • The applicant must be Saudi.

  • The applicant must not be admitted currently to any other hospital.

  • A detailed medical report in English and printed on a computer, with a date not exceeding six (6) months.

  • Recent reports, including treatments and investigations, if any.

  • There should be no prior application for the same specialization during the last six (6) months.

After applying, the applicant will receive a text message indicating the application's progress, and the applicant can follow up on the status of the application through the access portal under the electronic services of this website:

Procedures for Referred Patients

Procedures for Saudi Non-NG Patients Referred for Treatment at KAMC, Riyadh

  1. The Eligibility Officer review that required papers are complete:

    • Recent and detailed medical report.

    • Letter of Exception (LOE) a LOE is not required for Exceptional Diseases..

    • ID Card to verify nationality and to register correct and to verify the full name. Non-Saudi is referred to Business Center.

  2. The Eligibility Officer enters these data in the computer and a follow up slip is given to the patient to follow up after 3 days.

  3. The papers are then submitted to the Chief of Medical Eligibility or his Deputy.

    • To approve submitting the case if the condition is one of the diseases that are accepted for treatment in this hospital. If the case is not approved it is filed and the patient is informed.

    • A (Review of Medical Report) form is attached with the papers indicating the medical specialty for referral of that case. Patients with limited LOE will be limited to the service of that speciality only and will be given an eligibility code and coverage limited to that service.

  4. The approval to submit and the specialty for referral are entered in the Computer.

  5. The papers approved for submission are sent to the Chairman's of the concerned medical specialty for medical opinion.

  6. The finished papers are collected and delivered to the Eligibility Officer.

    1. For case that do not need tertiary care at KAMC Hospital. This information is entered in the computer and the papers are filed and the patient is informed.

    2. For some cases, further documents/procedures or information are requested. The patient or relative is informed to supply these necessary information and the papers are resubmitted again as before.

    3. For cases that need tertiary care at KAMC Hospital. This information is entered in the computer and the papers are sent to the Chief of Medical Eligibility or his Deputy for approval.

  7. After approval, the Eligibility Officer refer the patient to the Patient Services for registration and appointment.

  8. A logbook should be kept for this process between the Medical Eligibility Department and the Medical Department Chairman.

  9. All referrals from the CEO and CMO will be handed to Registration Office and not given to the patient

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