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Procedures of Treatment Extension

Procedures for extending eligibility and continuing treatment for Saudi patients who are not members of the National Guard:


  • When the patient's treatment eligibility period expires or is about to end, and if the treating physician considers that the patient's medical condition still needs further care, an electronic request for eligibility for treatment is submitted to ensure the continuity of his therapy following the hospital policy.

Procedures of Treatment Extension

Procedures for Extension of Eligibility and Continuation of Treatment For Saudi Non-National Guard Patients at KAMC, Riyadh

When the eligibility of a patient expires or is near expiration and the treating physician determines that the medical condition of the patient continues to require tertiary care a continuation of treatment process is done to extend the patient's eligibility.

  1. The treating physician fills the patient continuation of treatment form.

  2. The Unit Assistant at the clinic receives the forms and a follow up slip is given to the patient to follow up with the Department of Medical Eligibility after one week.

  3. The forms are then delivered to the Eligibility Officer in the same day.

  4. The data are then entered in the computer by the Eligibility Officer (for cases that do not require continuation of tertiary care this is entered in the computer and the form is filed and the patient is informed).

  5. The forms are sent to the Chairman's of the concerned medical department speciality for acceptance of continuation of treatment.

  6. The finished forms are collected and delivered to the Eligibility Officer.

    1. For cases that can be treated elsewhere.This information is entered in the computer and the forms are filed and the patient is informed.

    2. For Cases with Blocked Speciality : Some specialties due to congestion with to many patients are limited to SANG patients only, (see below for a list of blocked speciality) cases that need continuation of treatment in these specialties are sent to the Executive Director Medical Services for approval. Non Saudi patient who has LOE before to be sent to CEO.

    3. For cases that needs continuation of treatment at - KAMC, Riyadh.This information is entered in the computer and the forms are sent to the Chief of Medical Eligibility or his Deputy for approval.

  7. After approval the Eligibility Officer refer the patient to the Patient Services to issue a new card with extended eligibility.

  8. A logbook should be kept for this process between the Department of Medical Eligibility and both the Medical Department Chairman’s and the clinic's nurse management.

List of current specialities not available for extension for eligibility:

  1. Ophthalmology

  2. Ear, Nose and Throat

  3. Psychiatry

  4. Dental

  5. Dermatology

  6. Obstetrics

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