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Admission Information

Important Information about Admission

  • ​​The date of admission given does not imply reservation of the bed until confirmed by the Admission Office depending on availability of the beds.​

  • Using another patient's card is medically dangerous and makes you accountable.

  • It is strictly forbidden to bring non-sick children to the hospital.

  • Please make sure the contact numbers are correct, as we will communicate with you and inform you of the time of attendance.​

If you have any questions about admission, please contact the following numbers:


Phone: +966-11-8011111 ext: 12241


Phone: +966-12-2266666 ext: 28653 - 62800


Phone: +966-13-8532555 ext: 32813

Al Ahsa

Phone: +966-13-5339999 ext: 38222

Al Madinah

Phone: +966-14-8669999 ext: 68712 - 68713 - 68714 - 68726

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9/22/2021 2:14 PM