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MNGHA Care Registration

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National Guard Health Affairs provides the highest level of healthcare to Saudi Arabia's National Guard employees and their eligible dependents and exempts non-eligible patients. To receive this service everyone must have an open file in the hospital. This can be done through the registration offices in the following:

First: Primary Healthcare Clinics:

  • King Saud Residential City Polyclinic
  • King Saud Residential City Satellite Clinics (3)
  • First Brigade Palace and Second Brigade Clinic
  • King Khalid Military Academy Clinic
  • Prince Bader Residential City Clinic
  • Headquarters Clinic
  • Private Brigade Clinic
  • VIP Clinic, KAMC
  • Employee Health Clinic, KAMC
  • King Abdulaziz Residential City Polyclinic & Satellite Clinics (10)
  • King Abdulaziz Residential City Family Practice Clinic
  • King Abdulaziz Residential City Urgent Care Center
  • Healthcare Specialty Clinic Primary Care Clinic
  • Healthcare Specialty Clinic Family Practice Clinic
  • Healthcare Specialty Clinic Urgent Care Center
  • Healthcare Specialty Clinic Brigade and Battalion Clinics

Second: The hospital:

  • Ambulatory Care Services, registration extension: Females (18691) - Males (18679)
  • Cardiac Science Center
  • Emergency Medicine

The official documentations required when serving a patient:

  • The service:
    Open a file, medical record ID number, and booking appointments at the clinics.
  • The people who are eligible to be treated at NGHA:
    • NGHA employees (civilians or military) and their families:
    • Spouse, (proof of marriage should be provided).
    • Son, if older than 18 years old, he should provide identification card (ID) or student's card.
    • Daughter, if she is unmarried.
    • Father, (provide official identification papers).
    • Mother, (provide official identification papers).
    • A legal dependant delegated to employee by NGHA religious affairs.

The original form of the official document need to be provided as copies will not be accepted.

  • The official documentations required for NGHA contractors (non Saudis):
    • Contractor: should be sponsored by NGHA and have a valid Iqama.
    • Spouse and children: the names should be added to the contractor's valid iqama that is sponsored by NGHA.
    • Contractor's eligibility to be treated at NGHA does not cover dental services, obstetrics and gynecology, plastic surgery and infertility.

Please always have your medical ID card with you when you come to your appointments.

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