Title Nursing Vaccine Academy
Location Deanship of Postgrad Education Building
Region Riyadh
Start Time 10/26/2022 8:00 AM
End Time 10/27/2022 5:00 PM

​Dr. Majid Al Shamrani, Executive Director Infection Prevention and Control Program
Dr. Fayssal Farahat, Director Community and Public Health
Dr. Mohammed Al Zunitan, Director Hospital Epidemiology
Dr. Eyad Al Khudairi, Pharmaceutical Planner, Logistics Services
Ms. Sulafa Hakami, Public Health Nurse, Community and Public Health  


​• Fundamentals of Vaccination and Immunization
• Vaccine Handling and Administration
• Vaccine Storage and Transportation
• Vaccine Planning and Forecasting
• Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting and Management
• Vaccine Precautions and Contraindications
• Vaccination for Special population

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​The Course aims to facilitate critical decision-making in vaccinology by providing participants with a comprehensive overview of the various aspects of vaccinology (immunology, vaccine types, vaccination strategies, and program implementation)

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