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Training and Development

About us:

To increase the productivity of an organization, it is not enough to invest in new technology and new machinery. We need to invest in developing our most important element: Human Resources.

At the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs (MNGHA), the executive management firmly believes that the highest healthcare standards cannot be achieved without qualified and dependable employees, which is made possible by proper training.

Training and Development department provides training opportunities for non-physician staff within the the MNGHA. This training includes Health Allied, technical and administrative fields to ensure that employees have the required skills and knowledge to perform in accordance with standards and provide high quality health care. In addition, it contributes to Saudization by providing special training programs to dedicated new Saudi graduates, qualifying them for employment in the MNGHA.

Our mission:

Our mission in Training and Development department is to exceed our internal and external customers’ expectations by providing high quality training opportunities.


  • Provide high quality training for non-physician staff at the the MNGHA.
  • Provide essential courses for the MNGHA employees, including English/ Arabic language courses and Medical Terminology.
  • Contribute to the Health Care education system by providing training for students from local institutes.
  • Contribute to Saudization by hiring new Saudi graduates through the Saudi Career Development Program.
  • Improve the skills of professional staff members by providing specialized courses to enhance their career.

Our main values:

  • Produce high quality services.
  • Work in harmony within the team.
  • Focus on customers.
  • Have mutual respect.

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