Postgraduate Training Center  

​Postgraduate Training Center  

King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences (KSAU-HS) of the Ministry of National ‎Guard-Health Affairs (MNG-HA) represented by the Postgraduate Training Center (PTC) at the ‎Deanship of Postgraduate Education (DPE) is well-known and considered a leader kingdom-wide in ‎presenting new developments in the field of medicine, including healthcare concepts and ‎practices through conducting national and international courses, workshops, seminar, meetings, ‎symposia, conferences, forums, and other diversified training programs that are locally and ‎internationally accredited and organized in cooperation with invited renowned medical experts ‎and specialists. ‎

The PTC, which was officially launched in June 1996, has the principle of offering advanced ‎continuous medical education and promoting the professional development of healthcare ‎providers. With its past remarkable achievements, it aims to hold its vision of being a “Center of ‎Excellence" and mission to serve all healthcare providers and professionals to raise their ‎proficiency level by maintaining and increasing collaborations with recognized accrediting bodies, ‎such as: the American Heart Association (AHA®), American College of Emergency Physicians ‎‎(ACEP®), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), ‎WINFOCUS®, NAEMT®, International Medication Safety Network (IMSN),  Canadian Association of ‎Emergency Physicians (CAEP) and National Emergency Nurses Association of Canada (ACMU); ‎Saudi Patient Safety Center; CASS Business School City University of London; WHO Collaborating ‎Center for Infection Control & AMR and the QCC Center for Infection Control; John Hopkins ‎Medicine and Maryland Patient Safety Center; London Neonatal Transfer Service, Barts Health NHS ‎Trust, UK, King Abdullah International Medical Research Center (KAIMRC), and the Saudi ‎Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS).

Vision: ‎

  • A “Center of Excellence" and recognized as a lead center in the Middle East in the provision of ‎quality and advanced continuing medical education to all healthcare professionals through ‎investment in human capital and partnership with inter​nationally recognized centres.‎

  • Competitive in the field of education and provision of training programs with a high level of ‎standards in conducting non-profitable continuing medical education activities through the King ‎Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, Ministry of National Guard-Health Affairs for the ‎benefit of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in general.‎
  • Acknowledged widely as a reliable representative of the university and the Kingdom in ‎organizing huge medical events.‎
  • A strong network built with national and international healthcare institutions with spirited ‎leadership, cooperation and teamwork to provide the medical student's awareness on current ‎advances and experiences to grow as professionals by learning from and sharing with one another ‎in an international environment.

Mission: ‎

  • Provide Mandatory Certification, Continuing Education and Professional Training to KSAU-HS, ‎KAMC, KAIMRC, and other MNG-HA programs, including all healthcare professionals nationally and ‎globally.‎

  • Offer educational programs that promote excellence in clinical practice based on the needs of ‎healthcare professionals and to adapt the best practice and the most recent advances in medical ‎research and technology.‎

  • Maintain accreditation and recognition as an international center and seek further local, regional ‎and international achievements.‎​

  • Enhance the exchange of experiences in teaching, educating and training relevant knowledge, ‎skills and values between national and international healthcare professionals and students.‎

  • Develop an action plan for institutionalizing an integral part of medical and public health practice.‎

  • Assist the advancement of researches in medical education and practice in the healthcare sector.‎

  • Facilitate access to current information through the Symposium/Conferences Database to ‎strengthen the communication of healthcare professionals and students committed to deal with or ‎attend currently offered events.‎

Goals and O​bjectives:

  • Respond to the education and training needs of the organization, health care professionals and the ‎community.‎

  • Align the educational activities with the strategic plan and objectives of the whole organization with a ‎cost-effective approach.‎

  • Provide up-to-date continuing medical and professional education to all local and international ‎healthcare professionals based on their needs.‎

  • Introduce an information technology system to facilitate our processes and assist in data ‎management by adapting recent developments on IT solutions.‎

  • Obtain, apply and maintain all local and international accreditations as center of excellence to ensure ‎high standards of postgraduate education are implemented.‎

  • Systemize and computerize all PTC procedures internally and externally to approach a paperless ‎culture.‎

  • Reinforce outreach courses and training by increasing the number of offered online educational ‎services to reach maximum beneficiaries.‎

  • Expand awareness through proper channels for the youth and the public on the levels of Life Support ‎education.‎

  • Increase the provision of courses to serve the community, such as: Heart Saver and First Aid courses, ‎Basic Life Support courses, and other courses in Arabic language.‎

  • To introduce a high quality and standardized service that is valuable and offer variable medical topics ‎through the different medical programs to prepare target audiences in addressing their needs and ‎challenges in the healthcare sector through a multidisciplinary lens.‎

  • To develop the skills by educating and training the undergraduate and postgraduate medical ‎students, residents, physicians and non-physicians, such as nurses and technicians in the academic and ‎practical studies through the exchange of knowledge and experiences with well-known and keynotes ‎speakers and lecturers from different countries worldwide.‎

  • To provide our events with the most updated medical service system through medical instruments ‎and pharmaceutical company sponsorships that promote the latest medicines and equipment in the ‎targeted field of specialty and in accordance to the world market.‎

  • To enhance the use of latest technologies in international telecommunications and/or video ‎conferencing to support and encourage innovation and promote excellence in healthcare research ‎through current initiatives and generating a new and focused portfolio of research programs on an ‎emerging global health theme.‎​

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