Recruitment Department provides its services to the departments of the medical cities, hospitals, medical center and research center of Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs.

MNGHA would like to announce to all job seekers who have suitable education and qualification to apply to the announced positions during the specified period and choose the position according to the conditions of MNGHA. Please be noted that completion of previous applications does not deem you a candidate unless you apply for the announced position in tie through MNGHA website.

The selection criteria in the nomination process includes: English language test, GPA and Technical test (for clinical majors) and measurement test (for high school students).​

To help and support applicants who apply for positions requiring English Language skill, MNG-HA has coordinated  with the National Center of Assessment (Qiyas)  to provide the Standardized English Proficiency Test (STEP). You are kindly requested to enroll for the requested test through the link below:

Note: Every job vacancy requires, in addition to qualifications and practical experience, to achieve a certain level of the following levels in the English language test (STEP):

     Level 1: 75% and above
     Level 2: 50% and above
Level 3: Not required

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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