Logistics and Contracts Management

The Ministry of National Guard- Health Affairs, represented by the Logistics and Contracts Management, strives and works diligently to raise the level of services provided to patients.  This fundamental role, which the management seeks to achieve, is one of the main objectives when searching  for excellent suppliers to collaborate with in order to provide all the necessary patient needs of equipment, devices, medical and non-medical supplies as well as services of high quality and competitive value.

Building and consolidating the relations with the suppliers of MNGHA plays a major role in upgrading the level of the provided services, creating the right atmosphere for patients and providing the highest standard of health care. This can  only be possible by supporting the common interests between the two parties to achieve the concept of sustainability.

From that perspective, the Logistics and Contracts Management  at the Ministry of National Guard- Health Affairs  has established the Oracle System. Also, the Ministry of Finance has created  an accreditation platform in order to enhance  the level of transparency,  objective competition, quick performance and accurate execution. The Logistics and Contracts  Management  also dedicated its  efforts to work on linking a number of advanced electronic communication points, which leads to strengthening the partnership and reach the desired goals rapidly and effortlessly.

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