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Critical Care Nursing at King Abdulaziz Medical City, Riyadh is dynamic, demanding and unlimited. The Critical Care Nursing Directorate participates in collaboration with Medicine, Respiratory Services and Allied Health to provide the highest level of specialist critical care services within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our Intensive Care and Critical Care Units accept patients from all over the Kingdom, other Middle Eastern Countries and other Islamic Countries as directed by Royal Decree. Specialized critical care units include General ICU, Neuro Critical Care, Burns ICU, Trauma / Surgical ICU, ICU Stepdown, Liver Transplant Stepdown Unit, Code Teams, and Critical Care Response Teams. Other specialist Intensive Care Units that are under construction include Transplant, Oncology, and Haematology. Critical Care Nursing Directorate are active participants in medical & nursing research and are teaching units for College of Nursing Students and other National Guard Health Affairs Health Staff. The Directorate of Critical Care Nursing is always seeking to identify energetic, determined nursing staff who are seeking to excel.

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