Department of Emergency Medicine  


The Department of Emergency Medicine is a department with complex interactions involving multiple care providers, and involved in numerous interrelated processes with disparate resources.  It requires that multiple jobs must be provided in a smooth, coordinated manner for the patient to receive the best possible care.

The department is also involved with many other activities such as courses, symposiums, presentations, education and supervision of Saudi Council residents, and other residents and interns from other specialties.

The Department of Emergency Medicine’s Expansion Project which started on November 2005 has been completed in October 2011.


The mission statement of the Department of Emergency Medicine at King Abdulaziz Medical City-WR comes in two-fold:
  • To foster excellence in patient care for our patient population, we advocate for well being, safety, and satisfaction of the patients and their families.

  • We are committed to the continuous education of physicians, nurses and other health care workers.  We provide support to undergraduates and graduates in the field of medicine, in addition to our contribution to the advancement of Emergency care in the community, all in-line with mission statement of the National Guard Health Affairs.


  • As the need for ER training is exponentially increasing, there are increasing requests for recognition of other hospitals in the region.  The Saudi Council, during its last visit, chose the Department of Emergency Medicine, KAMC-Western Region in Jeddah to be the main reference site to supervise the training of ER residents in the western region and be in direct communication with the council.  To achieve that goal, the department must maintain its standard of being at its best in all aspects.

  • Smooth operations during ED expansion.

  • Establishment of EMS System

  • Review, update, and implement the approved Emergency Preparedness Plan Manual, including its orientation to all hospital staff.

  • Review and update all IPPs (Internal Policies and Procedures) in ED.  Creation of additional and essential IPPs in accordance to the JCI standards.

  • Maintaining the the highest standards of care provided to patients seen in the ED and meeting national and international standards, in addition, regular monitoring of various aspects of care in the department is Carried out by following quality standardized procedures.

  • Maintaining the strength and prestige of the Emergency Medicine Residency Training Program, in addition to our commitment to l education of , nursing, and allied health care providers.

  • Advancement of the Emergency Medicine specialty by recognizing the importance of community out-reach, and its impact in promoting better health and safety to individuals and communities that we serve.

  • Ensure effective communications among various team players in the department including physicians, nurses, unit assistants, patient relations officer and security.

  • Creation of complaints management plan.

  • Continuous quality improvement and maintenance of the standards set forth after the successful JCI accreditation.

  • Creation of various task forces to deal with important issues relating to improvement of patients care and quality in the department.

  • Establishment of department organization structure and setting responsibility for each section


At this time, the Emergency Department has two (2) divisions namely: Pediatrics and Adult Care and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). 

Dr. Azza Al Jabarti is our Section Head for Adult and Pediatric Care and she is responsible for:

  • Providing high quality care for all eligible SANG employees and beneficiaries. 

  • Providing state of the art emergency facilities and technologies for emergency care within her division,

  • Participating and ensuring the implementation of Quality Improvement/Management of all services within the division.

  • Rresponsible for medical staffing requirements, staff evaluation, leaves and recruitment within the division 

  • Ensuring the implementations of divisional and hospital policies and procedures. 

  • In charge of mortality and morbidity in the department as well as QI designee.

  • Dr. Hani Baroum is our Section Head for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and he is responsible for:

    • Day to day administrative, operational and clinical aspects of the EMS Division. 

    • Serving on the Executive board of the department and be accountable for the performance of his division.

    • Identifying and developing future projects and presenting these to the Executive Board.

Bed Capacity:

Currently, our department has the following: 

  • 5 Critical care beds

  • 10 Intermediate care beds

  • 2 Fast track beds

  • 1 Bed in plaster room

  • 1 Bed in PHC clinic

  • HIN1 clinic: 2 clinic beds with associated triage registration and satellite pharmacy.


Over the past years, our department has successfully achieved the level of expansion progress with the opening of Phase I on February 2008 and the soft opening of Phase II in late 2009.  In addition to the new staff of sections heads and the emergency preparedness plan. 

Last 2008, our resident Dr. Ahmed Wazzan graduated with an honor degree and the first among all residents in the Emergency Program and his research project scored number one among all projects that was submitted or presented during the Emergency Residents Research Day. In year 2006, Dr. Barrack Al Dossary, he also scored the topnotch resident among the trainees in Emergency Medicine Program with an honor degree. The program continues to exceptionally dilevers advanced performance from all aspects, education materials, consultants’ involvement and other hands on procedures.

  • 1st Family & Emergency Medicine conference on October 22-23, 2009

  • The First International EMS/Disaster & Mass Gathering conference on November 2-4, 2009

  • Ultrasound Advanced Course on January 23 & 24, 2010

  • Monthly ER Club-Western Region organized by the department.

  • In-charge of Saudi Society of Emergency Medicine, Western Region Chapter.

Contact us:

You may contact our department through our administrative assistants, Ms. Nelly D. Hormillosa at tel. no. +966-12-6240000 with extension 22072 and Ms. Madeline Viray tel. no. +966-12-6240000 with extension 21721. Department email:


The Emergency Department is located in the northeastern part of the hospital compound and it has its own gate which is Gate no. 3.​

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